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INPEX – the Invention & New Product Education X-Perience

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Educational Seminars

Our library of educational videos allows you to learn from industry leaders.

In-Depth Articles

Get training and practical advice on many aspects of the invention process.

Printable Worksheets

Exercises, checklists, forms, and more help you implement what you learn.

We have something for every inventor.

Browse the categories to learn about the various stages of the invention process.

Brainstorming & Getting Started

What can you do with your idea? Jumpstart the process.

Patents & Intellectual Property

Learn from licensed patent attorneys how to protect your idea.

Marketing & Social Media

These business tools can help you try to promote your idea.


Learn how to create a crowdfunding campaign for potential funding, publicity and feedback.

Licensing & Manufacturing

Learn what it takes to get an invention on store shelves, in front of manufacturers, and on TV.

Prototyping & Development

Display your invention with a model and make improvements on your idea.

Networking & Product Pitching

Learn how to interact with industry professionals and company representatives

Trade Shows

Learn how trade shows can help you try to get in front of industry leaders.

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